29th June – Jan and Keith back home

I know that many people are anxious for an update about Jan – so here goes. As anticipated, Jan and Keith have now returned home. They have spent two days with various doctors and nurses at the Centro Salud to establish what care Jan needs.

As a result, Jan’s ongoing medical requirements are now in place and she has been referred to a specialist unit in Malaga where she can continue her physiotherapy. A home assessment has also been arranged for the 22nd of July when we should be clearer about what Social Services will be able to provide.

In the meantime arrangements have been made for Jan and Keith to meet with an independent care group to find out what assistance they can offer – pending a decision by Social Services on their own contribution

In the meantime we continue fundraising efforts. It is clear that there will be a need to supplement State provision with additional equipment and services. We will be in a better position to make decisions about how best to use the funds already raised towards the end of July.

Thanks again to all those who have donated and also for the many efforts being made by individuals with their own fundraising schemes.