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Imagine that you go into hospital for what you expect to be a relatively straightforward operation.

When you wake up you are unable to breathe without a ventilator and find yourself paralysed from the chest down.

This is exactly what happened recently to our good friend Jan Atack. Prior to her operation, 53-year-old Jan was fit and healthy, with many activity-based interests including a passion for golf which she played several times a week .

Her world has been turned completely upside down. Things she did before the operation – something as simple as brushing her teeth, pouring a glass of water, cuddling a friend or her favourite pet – are now almost impossible to do on her own. She needs the constant help of other people to do the most basic of daily tasks.

After weeks in intensive care, Jan was transferred to the Hospital Nacional de Paraplejicos in Toledo, Spain where she received excellent support for several months. She is now off a ventilator but remains paralysed from the chest down. She was finally discharged when the hospital felt that they could do little more for her. She is now back home, being cared for by her husband Keith.

Coming home brings urgent new demands
Jan is still almost completely incapacitated but remains cheerful, positive and determined. The fact is that if she is to rebuild her life back in her own home, she will need a great deal of support. It can be done and we are going to do it – with your help.

We are looking to fund a range of equipment and services, but the exact items will depend on Jan’s needs assessment when she gets home. These are just some of the the things we anticipate she will need: a computer which can be controlled without the use of her hands (now funded by the Jan Atack Appeal, see below); an electric wheelchair with its own controls, and an adapted vehicle for three people and her wheelchair. It is likely that she will need substantial home care and we are helping with some interim care, at least until an alternative source of funding can be found. Helping with home alterations is also a pressing necessity. The equipment and specialist services are expensive and represent a serious financial challenge, but remain vital to Jan’s future health and well-being.


Fundraising Highlights

Campaign Milestone Reached
Our GoFundMe campaign was launched back in May 2019. We set a target of £30K for the year and now, six months on, we have passed the halfway point, raising over €16000. So we are still on target, thanks to the many donors and event organisers – a magnificent achievement. These contributions are so important. At the moment, we are funding two days of professional home care per week (one day and one night) to give Keith a break from the demanding business of looking after Jan. This is costing us around €1000 per month. So every donation is vital – please, please, keep them coming in.

Main December 2019 contributions:

Los Cantarranas Golf Society – €500 €
Every time someone plays golf with the Cantarranas, a small proportion of their entry fee goes into a special charity fund. This year they decided that the Jan Atack Appeal Fund should receive the funds.

Ladies’ Supporters in Action Again – €200
This time, an auction of Ladies golf clothes at the Lauro Ladies Christmas Day raised €200 for the the Jan Atack Appeal. The clothes were kindly donated by Terry Wdowiak’s friend, Ana Lindex. Thank you Lindex Iceland for your kind support.

Handbag Auction Raises Over €1000
Karen Jordan hosted a ladies lunch with a handbag auction which raised an impressive 1,020 euros. Participants provided handbags, each containing a selection of random gifts and bags were also donated by ladies who could not attend.

To see more details of these events, go to Latest News in the Main Menu above and choose the item in Recent Posts.



Jan and Keith will be getting a home assessment from the local social services which will show what they are prepared to provide for Jan’s care. This will help us plan what we can fund for Jan’s other needs. In the meantime, we have already funded smaller, more urgent items, including a totally hands-free computer system so Jan can get back online; interim rental of a special bed and mattress, and some nursing home care to give husband Keith a bit of much needed time off. At the moment, we are funding two days of professional home care per week (one day and one night) to give Keith a break from the demanding business of looking after Jan. This is costing us around €1000 per month. So every donation is vital – please, please, keep them coming in. For more information on what we have funded so far, please click here: Latest News.

Please Donate now and help someone who has suffered serious injuries through no fault of her own. You will be taken to our GoFundMe page. GoFundMe is one of the best known and safest fundraising organisations in the world. On that page you will find a link to bring you back here if you want to read more about Jan’s story.




In happier times, Jan leading the Ladies team which beat the Men in our Golf Society’s annual competition



The financial implications are considerable and there are many problems with seeking compensation. Even if successful, it is likely to be a long time before funds are available.

Jan shows great courage, and is determined to make a new life for herself. The chances of that would be greatly improved if we could reduce the anxiety about how she and Keith will cope in the future.



Jan as she is now — in a wheelchair. A rare opportunity to relax in the sunshine with her great friend Karen


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